"A personal piece of art is not only a reflection of who we are,it also helps us become who we aspire to be."

Limited Edition

One part of Bree’s body of work comes as limited edition. These works have been carefully selected on behalf of their unique handwriting and character. Limited editions feature different sizes but have a maximum number of proofs. The price of these artworks depends on motif, format and material and reaches from € 500 to € 5000. Limited Edition artworks are produced with the best fine art materials available and represent the highest quality standard. Limited Editions are published in our cataloges and books which can be ordered via our webshop. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information, either via our galleries or Bree herself.

Open Edition

Our open edition photographs are available in different sizes with no limitation concerning the number of proofs. Like the limited edition prints, the quality of the open edition prints is excellent, mostly printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. These prints are availabe from €250 to €2000. You can soon find a few open edition works in our Shop  but as we do not present our full body of work online, you are welcome to get in touch


Bree’s limited edition artworks are being represented by two galleries: Bildpark Gallery from Munich shows the figurative body of work, including “Anatta”, “I” and the Hasselbad Finalist “Forces”. The gallery of Marion Stoeter from Hamburg represents all works of the art book “Land&Sea”.  You can either talk to Bree directly or to one of the galleries, as you prefer.

Let’s have a chat!

If you are looking for something, or you found a piece you love, let’s get in touch! With a few questions Bree will help you find the perfect format and material that matches the artwork as well as your personal preferences. She will be happy to help you with any question in order to give you the perfect support. 

"Art may influence your life. At least it will influence how you perceive it. Above all your piece of art can outlast and inspire many generations."