"What surrounds us changes us.

Media, people, images and artworks, that surround us, touch our innermost being. Whether we want them to or not. Both positively and negatively. I look for the special, the powerful, the beautiful, the pure ... in humans and nature for the purpose of awakening more of it in people.

Live - love - care" 

-  Bree

"Sin Fin"

Limited Edition of 50

Waves gently crash on the beach, a repetitive soundscape. The view alternates between the deep blue line on the horizon and the dancing sunspots on the water. The water undulates up the sand and back again. My heart beats slower, I feel absolute peace. Sin fin.

The abstracted motif has a calming and at the same time refreshing effect. Intense blue tones, from light azure to cobalt, cerulean or delft blue, merge and appear painterly. Only the horizon appears sharp. The high-quality Hahnemühle material gives the work a silvery shimmer.

"Es cor de Mallorca"

Photography & Painting
Limited Edition of 50

Being several hundred years old, this olive tree is radiating calmness and power at the same time. When I was walking around it, the tree kept on changing his appearance with every step I made. This artwork is a combination of photography and painting and will amaze you with stunning details, beautiful contrasts, shimmering gold and a harmonious composition. It radiates calmness, constancy, power and has a calming, grounding presence.

"Camino mar"

Photography & Painting
Limited Edition of 10

"Mojo 01 - 03"

Limited Edition of 50

Nevada: an engrossed, surreal moment, directed by nature.

Donkeys played an important role in Nevada’s mining history. Sometimes they managed to escape or were turned loose. These donkeys are their descendants. Shaggy and distant they’re still roaming Nevada and the desert, more than 100 years later. A cinematic shot with a lot of dramaturgy.

"Land & Sea"

Limited Edition of 50

Nature and the power of its elements lead me to recognize a bigger picture. I observe and experience the laws of nature: change and balance.


Limited Edition of 100

If you’ve ever been to Mallorca you will know these furry fellows. In groups or alone they live in the countryside behind old stone walls.

"Tres Amigos"

Limited Edition of 100

"Un Amigo"

Limited Edition of 100

"Dos Amigos"

Limited Edition of 100


Limited Edition of 25

“The only constant in the universe is change.”
Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 535 – 475 B.C.)
Change happens on the outside as well as on the inside. Over a long timeline, or from one moment to the next. Sometimes we initiate change, sometimes we can only decide how to deal with it. Our “self” is also subject to this change. The series „Anatta“ addresses the matter of constant change and its possibilities in personal growth, also referring to the buddhist understanding of the „non-self“ which means that there is no unchanging, permanent self. I want to raise awareness that this constant change is part of us. I want to show the beauty (and opportunities) that can arise from it. Because how we engage with change and how we deal with it has a significant influence on our lives. “Anatta” is in this flow of change, in the flow of further development, in the flow of time, resting in itself, knowing and reaching its full potential.


Limited Edition of 50

Engrossed and deserted. Abandonned by their human communities, these places are transitioning into a different state. Nature is taking over and creates a surreal scene of caducity.

"Forming Reality"

Limited Edition of 50

Light, reflected by moving bodies, forms an abstract world of light and shadows dancing with one another. Arisen of pure joy and passion for working with light. Light is not only understandable as a factor of brightness with wich we are able to direct the viewers eye, moreover I work with light as the physical medium itself. I am passionate about creating and composing with this extraordinary medium and its counterpart. Light matters!

"Deforming Reality"

Limited Edition of 50

“Sometimes you have to deform reality in order to suit your goals.” Prof. Daniel Denegri, CERN